Tyre Care

Why should you check your tyres?
What should you check?

Did you know that you are not insured when driving on illegal tyres? Worn tyres significantly impede the performance of your car. Do not forget that a worn tyre reduces the effectiveness of braking, steering, and acceleration, all of which are vital in staying safe. What are a few minutes put aside now to check your tyres, when you compare it to your own safety and that of your family's?

What should you check?

These checks should be done at least once a month if not every few weeks

  • Check tyre pressures
  • Check condition of the tyre
  • Check tyre tread depth
  • Check wheel nuts are secure

In case of a puncture, the following checks are in order

  • Check spare tyre is inflated
  • Check condition of spare tyre
  • Check correct jack for the vehicle
  • Know your jacking points
  • Correct size wheel brace for Vehicle
  • Check Safety Hazard sign
  • Hazard Lights on vehicle are working
  • Pair of gloves (possible use of kneepads)
  • Fluorescent body strap
  • Check car pump for inflation of tyres is working

Changing of a tyre can actually be a dangerous job to do. There are some measures that reduce this risk significantly. The use of such apparatus as a hazard-warning triangle, a fluorescent body strap and use of vehicle hazard lights will help. Especially on blind bends or small tight roads and in winter months were dark nights are early in the day, so been made visible and having oncoming vehicles aware or a hazard is vital. Therefore correct placement of a hazard-warning triangle at a distance from the car is essential.