Would you like to open a trade account

As well as tyre fitting for individual vehicle owners, we also welcome accounts for company vehicle fleets.

Your fleet vehicles are taken care of for less when you apply to become part of our companies corporate accounts program. This prearranged program features competitive prices, full written invoices and reports after every full fleet vehicle inspections. For further information, on holding a corporate account with our company. Please fill out the following application form and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Trade Account management includes:
  • Full inspection of vehicles within the fleet
  • Separate report for each vehicle
  • We Log Mileage, height of tyre tread, torque of wheel nuts, condition of wheels and tyre sidewalls.
  • Report is then logged and filed.
  • Discuses any possible repairs or tyre replacements needed with you.
  • Full price list of all available tyres or repair procedures, agreed upon dependant on vehicles and sizes.
The direct benefits of a Corporate Account to you are:
  • Better tyre utilization and increased tyre life = lower tyre operating costs
  • Direct control of service activities to stated standards and policies
  • Increased admin control and significantly reduced internal admin costs
  • Lets you get on with your core business
  • A record of all tyre related service and tyre replacements by your fleet ID
  • Direct access to your fleet's data
  • Tyre performance history on all tyres replaced